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Chinese Medicine and Chinese sitting the month

Chinese Medicine and Chinese sitting the month.. read more

mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening – Help to prevent  cancers as soon as possible

Lung cancer is a malignant tumor with the highest mortality rate in the world, and it ranks first in China. Unfortunately, the cause of lung cancer is currently unknown; non-smokers also has a chance .. read more

Newborn Jaundice

Newborn Jaundice.. read more

4 Steps for Eczema Alleviate

4 Steps for Eczema Alleviate .. read more

Suggestion from Chinese Medicine

Suggestion from Chinese Medicine.. read more

全港獨家檢查技術。透過mRNA動態分子監測技術,即時偵測環境致癌因子及化學刺激物是否對人體呼吸道誘發致癌基因激活,在致癌機轉啟動前有效制止,避免細胞惡性異變,遠離癌症威脅。準確度高達92-93%。.. read more

What is fatty liver disease?

Alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by prolonged drinking. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is due to bad eating habits such as high fat, high sugar and obesity. Both NAFLD and alcoholic fatty liv.. read more

Breast Pain = Breast Cancer?

女士在日常乳房的自我檢測中,可能試過摸到硬塊或感到不適,但其實硬塊及不適係咪就等於患上乳癌呢?.. read more

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