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Mobile Medical Health Group is providing is one the most well established Hong Kong health check center with providing comprehensive body check packages, such as liver, lung, stomach, kidney function by using blood test or ultrasound etc. As a one-stop body check company in Hong Kong, we devotes assiduously to the provision of body check packages with quality that improve the lives of our consumers and aims to develop a comprehensive and professional Hong Kong health check platform to our consumers. Mobile Medical will keep providing different attractive and glamorous body check packages.

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Tumour Markers

Through the blood test, can effectively detect the presence of cancer markers in the body, so as to assess the body suffering from cancer opportunities.

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Vaccination can stimulate the body to produce antibodies, if the virus or bacteria invade, the body of the antibody will be against. Therefore, the appropriate vaccination can effectively lift the specific virus on the body of the threat.

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DNA Plans

DNA is a genetic material in our cells, it also affects the function of the body. Using gene information, Smith Barney can help you develop more targeted personalized health programs.

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Other Hot Items

  • body / organ function
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infectious disease
  • Tumor marker
  • other disease possibilities
  • Reproductive function
  • other vaccines

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Below is the most popular body check plans in Mobile Medical:


Comprehensive Cancer Screening Health Check Plan(S3+)

Exclusive checks - mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening

10 tumor markers

4 groups of Ultrasound

4 session of diatition and nurtrition course

Limited Offer: $9,392

(List Price:$29,480)



Metabolic Health Check Plan(E3)

Health metabolic assessment

1 group of Ultrasound

Basic assessment of body organ function and health

Resting ECG

Limited Offer: $2,232

(List Price:$5,580)



Women’s Standard Health Check(P3)

Comprehensive woman‘s checks Including ultrasound of breasts / pelvis and pap smea

8 tumor markers

2 groups of Ultrasound

Limited Offer: $3,849

(List Price:$8,580)



Herpes Zoster Vaccine (2 Shots)

Out of every 100 adults, 95 have had chickenpox, which means they have the potential to develop shingles; one in every three adults will experience shingles in their lifetime.

Previous infection with the COVID-19 virus may lead to a decreased immunity, thereby making it easier to activate the herpes zoster virus.

Vaccination with Shingrix is currently the most effective method of prevention against shingles.

*Suitable for high-risk individuals over 18 years old and for people aged 50 or above to be vaccinated.

Flash Sale: $4,990 for 2 doses.



Pre-material Supreme Health Check

Recommended for Male and female who intend to get married

Assessing fertility function in boths thorugh evaluation of reprodictive hormones(including ovarian function and testosterone.)


Limited Offer: $2,322

(List Price:$2,580)









Health Check Information

What is the important of regular check-up?

Many people take their health for granted, and most of them rarely visit a hospital or a doctor until we are actually sick and need treatment. But we must know that many diseases have few or no symptoms in earlier stage. If you feel uncomfortable with symptoms, it is often too late to take the treatment. For example, cholesterol, no matter how high it is, the patient has no symptoms. Long-term high cholesterol is a very important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If it is not detected early and treated appropriately, it will cause stroke or myocardial embolism.

Regular health check-ups can identify any early signs of health issues. Your chances for effective treatment are increasing when the problem is finding earlier. Many diseases need to be detected by a check-up, such as liver cancer, liver disease (hepatitis B), genetic disease (thalassemia), etc. If it can diagnose early, treatment leads to a higher recovery rate. Going for a period health checkup automatically will make you more aware of your health and what you can to lead a healthier lifestyle.

How to choose the suitable body check package?

People can base on their age, gender, and medical history to choose the suitable body check package. For example, older people will probably need a health package that includes cardiac screening tests since they are more at risk.

Woman Body Check is beneficial to the health of women’s unique organs, such as breast, disc cavity (uterine and ovarian), etc. The government suggested that women should do a cervical smear every year from the age of 25. For high-risk groups, such as long-term use of steroids or those who have had a precancerous cervical lesion, it is necessary to have an annual checkup.