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FibroScan® is a non-invasive, convenient, and accurate assessment for fatty liver and liver fibrosis. During the evaluation, the operator places the probe in an intercostal space with sight pressure, it generates a harmless elastic shear wave from its probe to the liver tissue. This wave is tracked and measured by ultrasound. The examine could only feel slight vibration at the tip of the probe.FibroScan® examination is simple, safe, and painless.

Differences between ultrasound of the liver and fibroscan

Ultrasound can be used extensively, which can detect internal organ structures and tumors;

Fibroscan mainly checks for liver stiffness and fatty liver

high-risk individuals

1) Diabetes

2) Obesity

3) Hypertension

4) Abnormal cholesterol levels

5) Alcoholics

6) Hepatitis B and C carriers

7) Long-term use of steroids (corticosteroids), Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs (methotrexate), Breast Cancer Drugs (tamoxifen)

Unsuitable persons

1) Pregnant

2) Implanted pacemaker

3) Ascites

4) The space between the ribs and the bones is too narrow

5) Obese

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Check item:
    • Fasting for 4 hours before the examination (small amount of water is allowed)

    • In general, the examination lasts around 15 - 30 minutes.