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Cardiovascular analysis for the regular exercise group

HOTMAN SYSTEM is a noninvasive Artificial Intelligence Guided Cardiovascular Technology (AIGCT). Using Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Cardiac Output (TEBCO) measurement technique.

HOTMANTM SYSTEM is painless. Using Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) technology, which consists of electrodes assessing the blood flow (hemodynamics); no blood draw, no perfusion, nor radiation are required.

 Approved by FDA, CE and TUV

 Early screening of cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc



1. Available for customers aged 18 or above and no implanted pacemaker.

2. Please delay the test when emotional fluctuation or feeling unwell.

3. Stop drinking and eating in which contain alcohol/coffee/ tea/ chocolate and medicine before 2 hours of the test

4. Do not do strenuous exercise before the test.

5. Any medical or health care information provided by us is for reference or educational purposes only.

For any inquiry, please call 2369-0680 or Whatsapp 6091-1410

Cardiovascular analysis for the regular exercise group CX-EXF16 items
Stroke Volume Variation
Stroke Systemic Vascular Resistance Index
Total Peripheral Resistance
Total Peripheral Resistance Index
3 items
Left Stroke Work Index
Inotropic State Index
Ejection Fraction
Heart Rate
Systolic Blood Pressure
Diastolic Blood Pressure
Mean Arterial Pressure

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