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Y Chromosome DNA test

The fetal DNA material undergoes metabolism or damage, which causes it to become a series of DNA fragments, which pass through the placenta and enter the mother's blood circulation system. Therefore, we can perform a blood test by taking a blood sample from the mother to detect the DNA material of the fetus. With the development of science and technology, fetal DNA fragments can be isolated from the mother's blood at 5 or more weeks of pregnancy and tested for the presence of Y chromosomes. If the test shows the presence of a Y chromosome, it means the mother is carrying a male fetus.

Test features: 

- The test can be done as early as five weeks into pregnancy

- Accuracy up to 99.99%

- Fasting is not required


- If the subject has received an organ transplant, this Y chromosome test cannot be done

- If the customer is pregnant with twins, even if the Y chromosome is detected, it can only indicate that one of the fetuses is male.

Y Chromosome DNA testY-CHS
Check items:
    • - At 5 weeks of pregnancy or above, fetal DNA fragments can be isolated from the mother's blood and the gender of the fetus can be known through examination.

    • -The examination will only require a blood sample for testing.