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Mobile Medical Health Group is providing is one the most well established Hong Kong health check center with providing comprehensive body check packages, such as liver, lung, stomach, kidney function by using blood test or ultrasound etc. As a one-stop body check company in Hong Kong, we devotes assiduously to the provision of body check packages with quality that improve the lives of our consumers and aims to develop a comprehensive and professional Hong Kong health check platform to our consumers. Mobile Medical will keep providing different attractive and glamorous body check packages.

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Tumour Markers

Through the blood test, can effectively detect the presence of cancer markers in the body, so as to assess the body suffering from cancer opportunities.

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Vaccination can stimulate the body to produce antibodies, if the virus or bacteria invade, the body of the antibody will be against. Therefore, the appropriate vaccination can effectively lift the specific virus on the body of the threat.

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DNA Plans

DNA is a genetic material in our cells, it also affects the function of the body. Using gene information, Smith Barney can help you develop more targeted personalized health programs.

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  • body / organ function
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infectious disease
  • Tumor marker
  • other disease possibilities
  • Reproductive function
  • other vaccines

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